• to love someone while rocking/supporting a mullet

  • spitting some game to get with a girl

  • munching formally known as mingling is when girls act sexy in front of you to get attention. Their motive is to make others feel jealous and to get you to spend more money on them. Its typically seen at bars and is annoying as fuck. These girls offer nothing to society and will only have sex with you once they have you under their fucking finger. Stay away from girls who are munching.

  • When two people find a dead pregnant lady. Guy 1 puts his mouth on her pussy, guy 2 jumps on her stomach; guy 1 then eats the baby coming out

  • To savor a nice wet soft pussy with slow and steady tongue action. Ending with a direct and light sucking action of the
    clitoris, right before and during a womans orgasm.


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