• an expression yelled out at a hoe or a gurl who does hoe-ish activites. a gurl who fucks easy. a shone- comes from the word action which both mean u nasty if sum1 call u dat

  • A shone is a hoe. It has similarities with words such as Trick, Slut, etc. Most likely heard down south in places LIke Miami. The word comes from the word action.

  • This means the same as [action] but this is the shorter way of saying it. Someone who is shone is someone, most likey a girl who is a ho or an animal. She has a lot of sex with a lot of different people and everyone knows it.

  • nicer word for hoe. Meaning put out there . Originated in MIAMI

  • Flo-rida uses this word a lot in his song ACTION. It pretty much means a hoe.

  • (MADE IN MIAMI Fl.)A girl who is having sex with people in your neighbor hood or always dissapearing and people suspect it.

  • A female who is known to have sexual relations with numerous persons and is known to be easy or fast, and as a result of being a shone the female will become pregnant and usually will not know who the father of the baby will be, AND/OR she will come in contact with an STD.

  • Word mostly used in southern states,like Miami.It comes from the word charony in Haitian creole which means whore,slut.

  • Mythical goddess of the sun. She is compassionate, virtuous and loyal. She loves animals. She is not afraid to put people in their place if they have caused harm to those she cares about or loves.


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