• another word for pussy...used because some niggas saw a picture of a stoma in their school biology book and thought that it oddly resembled a vagina

  • The surgically-fashioned orifice in the trachea that is commonly a result of heavy smoking. It is also another fuckhole for freaky sluts.

  • (n.) the coma you go into when you have smoked far too much weed for your own good in one sitting.

  • From the Greek word meaning mouth, it is an artificial opening formed by surgery for internal organs to the skin surface. There are different types including a tracheotomy (formed from the windpipe), ileostomy (formed from the small bowel) colostomy (formed from the large bowel), and urostomy (formed from the bladder).

    Slang usage of the term would be in relation to the reference to “Artificial Asshole”. See also [stoma rammer].

  • the feeling you get after smoking large amounts of cannabis on the weekend, and youre finally sober on monday.

  • Noun, S.T.O.M.A. stands for Something Tribal on My Arm. In reference to a tattoo that took very little thought into getting and often lacks creativity and originality. The design of the tattoo is tribal artwork and usually in the form of a band.

  • a contemporary version of SOMA (Stoned Off My Ass)

    ...because Coty is an ass


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