Technology Services

  • Technology services are, not surprisingly, services that involve technology. These include information technology, or IT, services, such as technical support, computer networking, systems administration, and other services. Common Internet services, such as Web hosting, e-mail, and social networking websites also fall under the scope of technology services. Therefore, the terms technology services and information technology services (ITS) are often used interchangeably.

    However, technology services may also include services not directly related to information technology, such as telephone and cable TV services. Other industries, such as a digital photography, graphic design, and video production may be considered technology services, since they involve modern technology. Technology Services (capitalized) may also refer to a division within a school or business that deals with technology maintenance and administration.

    Because technology services covers such a broad range of industries and occupations, its scope cannot be easily quantified. However, most of us use some form of technology services on a daily basis, which is why it is an important term to know.


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