• Stands for Power over Ethernet. PoE provides electrical current over an Ethernet connection. It powers electronic devices via Ethernet cabling without the need for batteries or a wall outlet.

    Multiple PoE standards exist, but they all provide both data and electrical power over a single cable. One method, known as Alternative A, uses the same wires within the Ethernet cable to transmit power and data. Alternative B uses one set of wires for sending power and another set of wires for transmitting data.

    Technically, the PoE standards are defined as a subset of the IEEE 802.3 collection of standards. Examples include:

    In order to power a device via Ethernet, a PoE adapter is required. This device, also called an Ethernet injector, plugs into a standard power outlet and provides power to one or more Ethernet ports. A broad range of PoE devices exist, including:

    PoE injector

    Audio device with DC and PoE power options

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