• El cucuy is about the equivelant to the boogie man, but is much scarier. Contrary to what people believe its not just the MEXICAN boogieman, many different Spanish speaking countries tell stories about the Cucuy. Some say that the Cucuy lives in the closet.

  • Mythical creature that mexican people fear.

  • Known as the mexican boogeyman, the cucuy is the adult phase of an alien species now origionating from the Lincoln National Forest of New Mexico. Known for ferocity and stealthiness, the cucuy is feared by all children who know its evil name. (see also, cucuybird, cucuywaterscorpion baby, cucuywaterscorpion, chupacabra)

  • A cucuy is a form of moster that meskin parents use to scare their kids, or make them act right. Or to make them get out of something their not supposed to be in. Or if the kid is just being a brat..... Yea i think thats about it.
    Cucuys are mainly in dark places.

  • the mexican boggy man.
    El cucuy is a funny morning (now afternoon) spanish radio host that is syndicate to allmost every spanish radio station


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