• A weird bug thingy that can lay eggs in your hair.

  • Bugs that live in human hair, plural of louse. Contrary to popular belief, you dont have to be unclean to get them, you just have to come in contact with one of them. Common ways that lice are spread are through hats, combs, and any shared items touching a carriers head. Their eggs cling to your strands of hair, making it relatively hard to remove them. Special shampoo is the best method of curing an infestation.

  • Those damn bitches that get into your hair.

  • A slang word used to describe people or a person that is annoying and makes you itch, People who annoy you and wont get of your head

  • Hideous fusion of the words LA and Ice, the name of an Australian soft drink. Resulted from attempting to talk way too fast while high on crack.


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