• Someone who takes christianity too seriously, revolving most or all of their everyday life around God and/or the bible.

  • The Dutch speaking region of the country Belgium. Inhabitants of this region are called Flemmings (No there isnt a country called Flemm)The French speaking part of Belgium is called Wallonia.

  • Somebody who never does anything wrong, a do-gooder. This person will often seem to good to be true.

  • A complete stranger who approaches you at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, only to ask you if youve found Jesus yet? The question is usually accompanied by a proselytizing business card depicting someone going to hell for their supposed sins.

  • a teacher/man who looks exactly like ned flanders and likes young girls

  • Name of a street in Portland Oregon that the poular Simpsons character Nell Flanders is named after. Other Potland references include Roger Meyers, Herbert Powell, Mayor Quimby, Bob Terwilliger etc etc

  • That annoying guy, that needs to learn to shut up at certain points.


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