• A half handjob, half bagtag. Usually performed under hammed circumstances when the womans decision making is poor. Unfortunatly, when told to go faster the woman speeds up and smashes your nuts to peices. Also known as the HJ(handjob) Hodge.

  • Peter Gabriels song about sex

  • The model of bicycle Pedro Sanchez rides in the movie Napoleon Dynamite. It has a shock, pegs, and a mexican flag flying from the seatpost. Lucky! He regularly takes it off sweet jumps and gets like three feet of air.

  • Woman lays down on a couch and puts her legs over the mans shoulders. Man rests his feet on the end of the couch and pelvic thrusts into the woman.

    Warning! Results may include; ulta-orgasm, broken back, and/or broken penis.

    1. a tool used many purposes, including [smashing] things.

    2. a big hit for [rocker] [Peter Gabriel]. It hit [Number One] in [America] during the [summer] of [1986]. It has an award-winning, [revolutionary] [video] that features [Claymation], or some technique similar to it. Peter Gabriel sings the lyrics from the point-of-view of a [cocky] guy, maybe as a [parody] of all those [cock rock] hits.

    3. anything that breaks the ice, or shatters the walls of shyness or [alienation] in a person. Then you can get a certain person better and establish communication with him/her.

  • Worlds fastest Corvette manufactured by Callaway.
    Most expensive corvette produced for its time

  • The professional wrestler Triple Hs favorite weapon.

  • A fart smelling soooooooo damn bad that the persons head instantly recoils back. Most of the time, this fart is silent.

  • A person who tricks another person in to thinking they are romantically interested, only to ignore them later on.

  • what your pulse/heartbeat feel like when you lose your virginity


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