• Such a mental condition, as, either from the existence ofdelusions, or from incapacity to distinguish between right and wrong,with regard to any matter under action, does away with individualresponsibility.

  • Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  • The definition of insanity, is, doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again, expecting shit to change. That. Is. Crazy.

  • doing something over and over expecting different results
    -Albert Einstein

  • Trying to solve problems,
    Expecting different results,
    Using the exact same methods...

    1. A mental state where one can not tell the difference between reality and their imagination.
    2. A type of behaviour where a person may act in a way that may be seen as uncool or weird (and doesn't care).
    3. The only way to fly.

  • locking yourself in a cage for a long period of time and only you have the key to unlock it

  • If I have to tell you, you'll never know

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  • Relief from reality

  • A state of mind that only people who are directly experiancing it are able to fully understand to any degree, people may label them as [Psychologically] or Mentally [Unstable], and yet these people who make such [assumptions] and decrees have absolutely no clue as o what such a [costly] state feels like. they can only imagine, and it is by imagining such an experiance that people show [pity], [sympathy], even [fear] towards such [individuals].