• To accept values and ideas, regardless of wether you agree with them, in order to follow the crowd, giving the conformist an illusion of brotherhood.


  • To do something everyone else is doing, just because everyone else is doing it. See [conformist]

  • When a dictator, such as a coach, makes you change all aspects of your thinking or ways of doing things to make he/she happy. People who conform are usually suck ups or do not want to get punished, but in the end there will most likely be punishment, such as running until you throw up or screaming at you until you want to cry. Most of the time it is the coachs way or the highway. A lot of times the dictators are hypocrites, who say their rules but dont always back them up. Rule of thumb: dont conform shawty!

  • To be apart of ANY form of group/culture/community

  • (n.) 1. To act like a [human]. 2. To not follow Dodges advice.

  • To follow rules or laws


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