• A nickname for someone with some type of long deriative, such as Longstaff, Long, Longshaft or , longpole.

    Can also been used a short term for the longneck bottle of beer you can purchase.

  • A longy is more commonly referred to as a longneck, which is 750.00ml of Beer, usually bought in a non descript brown paper bag. Can be drunk anywhere from a party to a BBQ to down in the slums with yo homies.

  • A person or friend who talks about u behind ur back and spreads shit around they are longing for attention

  • The short way to say long-cock. Contrary to popular belief, a long-cock is not someone with a large penis, but an uncool follower of protocol, or someone who never breaks the rules. In the first-person war game Arma 3, there are many examples of longies such as Ignis, Dante Fluery, and Deadpool.


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