Road block

  • A road block is something that happens in supermarkets when an [obeast], usually female, travelling up the aisle meets a [landwhale], also female travelling in the opposite direction. Both of these [hamplanets] are pushing two trolleys and one of two things happen:

    1. Either they know each other and start a [conversation] and ignore repeated polite requests to move or even “Get your fat [arses] out of the way you useless [bitches].”
    2. Or they collide, their trolleys tangle and they get into a [slanging match] about whose fault it was.
      The end result is same, however, a barrier that is totally impassable, but let’s face it inconvenience to other people is of no importance to these [self-centred] [nonentities].

  • when you and a friend are tag teaming a girl, he has
    her from behind, you got her mouth. Selfishly he shoots his load in her,
    thus preventing you from using that road later.

  • constipation; intestinal blockage from too much cheese

  • When giving anal the girl poops on your dick.

  • Some one who blocks a road, or two, hell the whole town!!! Is very ugly and fat, likes to ride BMXs and take advantage of ugly girls (ie:arthur/katie)


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