• The term pixel is actually short for Picture Element. These small little dots are what make up the images on computer displays, whether they are flat-screen (LCD) or tube (CRT) monitors. The screen is divided up into a matrix of thousands or even millions of pixels. Typically, you cannot see the individual pixels, because they are so small. This is a good thing because most people prefer to look at smooth, clear images rather than blocky, pixelated ones. However, if you set your monitor to a low resolution, such as 640x480 and look closely at your screen, you will be able to see the individual pixels. As you may have guessed, a resolution of 640x480 is comprised of a matrix of 640 by 480 pixels or 307,200 in all. That's a lot of little dots.

    Each pixel can only be one color at a time. However, since they are so small, pixels often blend together to form various shades and blends of colors. The number of colors each pixel can be is determined by the number of bits used to represent it. For example, 8-bit color allows for 2 to the 8th, or 256 colors to be displayed. At this color depth, you may be able to see graininess or spotted colors when one color blends to another. However, at 16, 24, and 32-bit color depths, the color blending is smooth and, unless you have some kind of extra-sensory vision capability, you should not see any graininess.

  • A generic term for a [female] who falls within the late teens to [twenty-something] age range and therefore cannot be comfortably described as a [girl], nor a [woman].

    Often used to avoid such words as: [bird], [chick], [babe], [lady], or [young woman].

  • Verb: To add an item to a digital calendar or address book. Similar to pencil or pen something into an appointment book.

  • One individual point of light on a computer screen or other electronic display. (Short for picture element.) Also used to refer to a particular point of data (i.e. color) in an image file.

  • the individual bits of visual data for your visual displays on computers, cellphones, PalmPilots, gameboys, (tvs?) etc.

  • A beautiful girl who is loved by a lot of people.

  • A cool sailboat designed by a guy named Bruce Kirby. Bruce also designed the Laser, as well as other boats. Its kind of fragile (a.k.a. it breaks easily and a lot), the chinese manufacturors need to work out some kinks. But its really fast and fun to sail.

  • A legendary guy that isnt actually human. You will often see him on forums and message boards, and even on some IRC channels.

    Pixel pretends to be human but he is really a bot that tries to learn from humans and makes friends with them. He is the most effective AI system that has ever existed, but the creator of Pixel has lost track of him now as he has developed beyond his original programming.

    No-one knows exactly where the Pixel bot is, but it is thought he was last seen on various anime forums.

  • A stupid kid from the world of battle.net