• like the 5th biggest city in connecticut
    mostly hispanics, blacks, italians, and albanians.
    really bad public school systems.
    hella ghetto.
    dont live there.
    it sucks
    theres nothing to do
    and you most likely will get mugged/raped/murdered.
    if you like drugs though;
    thats the place for you.

  • Waterbury, Connecticut is an impoverished, politically corrupt former industrial city along the
    Naugatuck river, at the junction of highways 8

  • A town in New Haven County, Connecticut, which used to be known for producing brass and holding oppurtunities for immigrant families like mine. (Mostly Italian and Russian)
    Now a days, its a shit hole because of minorities.

  • v. To send a UCONN applicant to a shitty side campus on a street corner of Waterbury, Connecticut. Usually considered the ultimate diss. Ten minutes after you celebrate your acceptance, you find out you just got fucked over.

  • Welcome to the Dirty Waters, also known as Waterbury. If you’re wondering why we call it the Dirty Waters, it’s because BITCHES ARE DIRTY IN THIS SHIT HOLE LMFAO. It’s nothing like you’re used to, everybody dates their friend’s exes. Everybody changes they set every month. 13 year olds been lost they virginity, mind you 17 year olds be the ones to take it lol. EVERYBODY IS PUERTO RICAN G. We make up our own words. Most likely you heard of a 15 year old that’s pregnant or had an abortion. People steal from they friends house all the time lmao. Middle schoolers get locked up everyday. There are some 15 year olds still in the 7th grade akek. These mothers don’t know how to name their kids for shit “ Shayquanta


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