• A person of Asian origin from UK/US who is very modern on the outside but brain still stuck in 1940s (even older in some cases). With the exception of wearing designer clothes these people are no better than their VILLAGE counterparts in Pakistan or India. These people do not pride themselves of being Asian. They think imitating a black guy (the walk and the talk) would make them cool, this annoys most non-Asians. These people marry a person from Indian or a Pakistani village coz they need a partner who thinks at least 60 years behind present times. These people would have spent all their lives in a foreign country but are thick enough to avoid adapting to the local culture.

  • A female of Pakistani origin born and raised in UK. These sex starved(until they get married) women have low aspirations and their sole purpose is to make babies.They are married off to a cabbie or a Pakistani import(who will eventually work as a cabbie).

    Their fashion sense(head scarf in the middle of a f*ing summer!!) is inspired from Miss Saudi Arabia of the year 600AD.

  • An adjective used to describe the overall shabbiness of a person or object.

    Used in an offensive context, to offend that of a lower class or status.

  • Originally from the term mangator which means fiance in Punjabi. These men/ woman come over from Pakistan/India after marrying a UK/EU resident. Their fashion sense is centred around the early 90s however do not mistake them for time travellers as their aroma will remind you of your local take away. They speak little or no English but most of their vocabulary consists of American film dialogues.

  • Mangy- Anyone who tries to be totally [thugga] but is actually being a gangsta thugga and might aggravate you for a moment. You then call these people things like [mangy] or [thugga]. Although [thugga] is actually cool, it can also be said to someone who is being [mangy].


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