• A man with a very large penis in which attracting girls, athletic, smart, and kickass at times.
    Girl Info Unkown
    The usaul term for a weapon in medevil time period.

  • To come in between; to unintentionally block or seemingly intercept another persons carnal goal; particularly useful in love triangle situations

  • A Clee is a women with a very small clitoris or a man with a very small penis.

    1. A word used to insult without being offensive
    2. A word used to describe a situation in which no other word would fit.
    3. A word used to name a person/thing for which no other name is given.

  • A pimp ass nigga that gets crunk as shiet at Sophias Thai Kitchen and his friends chaunce out on him and he has to spend the night typing this shiet.

  • To lose ones balls by having them shrivel up and fall off due to super gay activities like making earrings and drinking strawberry daquiris when Mojitos and Guinness are readily available.

  • Man: a perfect male. (Usually a friends father) Smart, very good looking, loveable and has a huge dick who many younger women are attracted to. Same as a dilf.

    Woman: a perfect female. (Usually a friends mother) Smart, beautiful, classy, and has huge breasts who many younger males are attracted to. Same as a MILF.

  • A sticky and moist substance found in the rainforest. Usually found on leaves and on mushrooms. Batteries not included was a good movie.

  • mad or angry...


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