• Informal word used by mainly Scottish people to say something or someone is small or little

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    1. British term used by parents to small children when talking about urinating.

    2. Term used by Scottish people to describe something that is small.

    3. Used to describe various animal noises.

  • Wee

  • Irish/Scottish Word used to describe something small

    Can also be used as a cute term depending on how you say it

    Word used to describe the early hours after midnight

  • Wee

  • Used mainly in Belfast, Ireland as a substitute for:

    Very small, small, little or tiny.

  • Wee

  • Small in stature.

  • Wee

  • A word mainly used by Northern Irish people when describing something small or little

    Can be over used and in contrast to things that are not actually small

  • Wee

  • Wee |Wē|

    • used as a greeting: Wee

    • used as a farewell: Wee

    • used as an understanding: (Instead of Word, Or Ok) Person1: Meet me at Persons at 10., Person2: Wee

    • used as an agreement: (Instead of Yes, or I agree)
    Person1: Want to go canoe the Parker River? Person2: Wee

    • May also be combined with other words:
    [Oh Wee] or O Wee, [Wee-bub]

    • |Wee| often pronounced with a falling intonation pattern and a prolonged final vowel

    • Can mean almost anything, varying by the tone in which it is used. However it is usually not negative, as Byfielders (The native users of the word) are not negative people. The wee is not a word, yet a place of mind. (Source: QM)

    When Wee is heard, it is custom to return said wee, with a follow-up reply, Wee.

    ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: Settlers from Europe landed in the mid 17th cent. in what today is known as Byfield, Massachusetts. With settlers coming from various countries throughout Europe, the people of Byfield began creating their own language to; communicate, identify residence, and to be able to identify outsiders. Wee being the first, and arguably the only word in the entire language.
    Neighboring towns, such as Newburyport (to the north), have attempted (unsuccessfully) to adopt a word with similar abilities; Yeat. But to no avail.

    It has been suggested that the greeting phrase in James Camrons motion picture: Avatar (2009), I see you was derived from Byfields use of the word Wee


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