• Formerly known as the Dirty Sanchez, a Screech is when a man wipes his penis across a womans upper lip after engaging in anal sex with her thus leaving a mark that resembles a Mexican mustache.

    The term Dirty Sanchez was overtaken by Screech as the most popular term for the sex act when Dustin Diamond who played Screech in the 90s TV show Saved by the Bell performed said act on some poor groupie.

  • 1 n. Homemade alcoholic recipe native to Newfoundland Canada, similar to moonshine. Is famous for being extremely strong hooch, mixed often with dark rum and colas. So named for American serviceman who gulped the once nameless bootleg drink in one shot and the resulting throat burn caused him to howl.(from a screech recipe web site)

  • Lemon powder from a MOD ration pack, you cannot buy it in any shops, the effect 10 is time stronger than caffeine if you eat it, 20 times stronger if you sniff it. You are meant to dilute it in water to drink it like an energy drink but its like very strong sherbet on its own. You cannot honestly stop laughing once youve had it, the effect lasts hours.

  • a person or object that contains an afro-like hairstyle but is of white or cauasian origin

  • An advanced blumpkin in which the male counterpart upper-decks the toilet while the female counterpart simultaneously slaters the toilet while fellating the male.

  • Screaming at a very high pitch while doing something that involves speed.

  • inferior whiskey, crude whiskey

  • This is the name for a group of 3 or more basic girls.

  • a singin style mostly used in black metal.
    like growl in death metal butt in higher tone and screeching tecunique.

  • formally known as mitchell
    a boy who looks like the boy from saved by the bell

  • (of a person or animal) give a loud, harsh, piercing cry.


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