• A broad who squirts her juice into the air upon climax

    1. Noun: A spring characterized by intermittent discharge of water ejected turbulently and accompanied by a vapour phase (steam). []

    2. Verb: A method used to get drunk fast, while remaining classy: Pour a large amount of hard alcohol into a cup, Grab cup with right hand and your bottle/can/container of chaser with your left. Chug the alcohol in the cup, immediately pour the chaser into the cup and chug that. [slang]

  • The skin around your butthole. The geyser is to the butthole what the areola is to the nipple.

  • A bloke whos a bit hard and thinks hes the [dogs bollox].

  • someone who drinks excessively and then ejects a column of vomit into the air

  • the head of the penis is slipped into a hole of a loose woven afghan or quilt, and you masterbate, resulting in your come to shoot straight up.

  • The sexual act when a male urinates in a females anus and she in return flatulates, expelling the urine in a blast similar to the geyser of the American West

    When expelled with less force or with a different liquid, see water fountain

    1. A faggoty mis-pronounciation of [geezer]. Maily used by people who fake a [cockney] accent.

    2. A naturally occuring hole in the ground from which steam is released


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