• Frappe is a kind of coffee that is made when you stir instant coffee(in granules) together with a small amount of water in a shaker.Add cold water, ice cubes sugar and milk for a proper greek island experience.Because stirring produces foam, make sure you use a tall glass and a straw.Enjoy

  • A common term used to disguise a persons name. Used only in public situations where said person is able to hear or read it.

  • Commonly called a [milkshake] outside of eastern Massachusetts, it consists of milk, syrup and ice cream beaten together in a mixing machine. A [milkshake] in the same geographic area is milk and syrup without ice cream beaten or blended together to create a light, frothy drink.

  • Better known as a shake or semi-liquified frozen confection dessert to the world immediately outside Greater New England.

  • A group of stereotypical white girls, (Uggs, black yoga pants, all in the same jacket) walking together in public. Usually with Starbucks coffee.


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