• A drug user or addict. Hophead is an umbrella term for users of everything from cocaine to marijuana (or tea - which is a jazz era term, not one that originated with the Beats as is erroneously noted elsewhere @ the Urban Dictionary) to benzedrine (aka bennies/amphetamine). The term sprang from the early jazz scene in 1920s/30s America.

    Decades later, beer aficionados appropriated the term to refer to themselves (with a wry tip of the hat to its original meaning).

  • A lover of all beers hoppy. A hophead espouses the merits of India Pale Ales, Russian Imperial Stouts, and other highly hopped beers. A hophead may even chew fresh hops in an attempt to quench his insatiable desire for hops. A hophead would sooner suffer castration than drink the typical BMC (Bud /Miller/Coors) swill.

  • Early 1900s term for a cocaine addict. Used frequently in the 1935 drug propaganda film Cocaine Fiends

  • n. A person who loves the flavor of hops, specifically in brewing.

  • (noun)a smoker of marijuana


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