• A large, highly intelligent purple dragon like creature in the Metroid games. He has appeared in every metroid game besides metroid II and Metroid prime 2. He is highly intelligant and is a war strategy genoius. There is some debate as to weather he is a creation of the space pirate forces, controlled by the Mother Brian, or if he is himself the leader of the pirate forces. a robotic version of ridley was built and dubbed mecha-ridley while his remains where repaired with cybernetic enhancements such as stinger missle lauchers, force feild powered wings, enhanced alloy armor, and mouth emmited laser beam, In this form he was called Meta-Ridley. In Metroid Fusion his frozen remains where posessed by an X-parasite and he became a larger bulkier creature known as X-Ridley.

  • Ridley is too big to appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

  • The act of spontaneously combusting while coming into contact with another human of larger stature. Symptoms include: Stroke like behavior , convulsions, and dropping of whatever item you are holding while doing the splits.

  • A girl who is the snakiest of them all. She stabs her bestfriend in the back, and she annoys everyone.

    Ridleys are usually copycats, and spread rumours about people, unusually people/a person who she cares about.

    This leads to everyone hating her and everyone thinking her pathetic.

    She cheats on tests and claims shes a genius whereas she isnt.

  • A diseased looking male genitalia. Often bumpy, gray, appearing to hold water weight, and smelling like rotting almonds. All symptoms of the excessive amounts of puss local to the area.

  • We are a town in southern PA that bleeds green. DELCO to be exact. Very sports oriented. However, you find all walks of life that are or are not welcomed every where around. Most likely, you will find people who yell too loud, are too opinionated, drink alot, and are damn proud of where they came from. Ridley is not a town, it is who you are. Good or bad - we take it. The Ridley people you meet have been friends with their friends forever - and nothing will come between that. And their parents have been friends with their friends... you get the point. We dont joke around - we have pride and are very loyal and very spirited.

  • Short for, or a combination of, ridiculously and really.


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