• In fansubbing, a person who captures audio and video directly from a television broadcast and saves it to their computer to later be downloaded by a fansubbing group. Most cappers are located in Japan, since they have easier access to anime broadcasts there.

  • A person who spends every hour of every day on the internet trying to record random girls on webcam and making friends with other geeky/lonely pervs.

    This person has no life,friends,or social skills period.They are virgins who often wish they could get a girl in real life but are incapable of speaking to females in reality which is why they see internet females as targets because they never have to face them in real life and can get away with thinking or calling them whatever they want without being bitch slapped or jumped by her boyfriend.This is why they will never get a girlfriend in real life.

    who needs real women when you have the internet!

    Cappers tend to act like internet tough guys and very hypocritical calling internet heroes losers when in fact they spend on average 3 times as much time online as any internet hero,they fail to look at their own life failures and brush it off on others who dont agree with what they are doing.

    Once you turn into a capper you are doomed to spend at the very least the next 5 years of your life obsessing over coming home and jumping right on the computer instantly and going on the internet 24/7 until you become an adult and either remain an addicted pedophile who cant do anything else with their life or a lonely pedophile who can only dream of the past.

    Cappers will never get lives and will just laugh all their problems away while spending 24/7 on the internet and will grow up to become stars of Datelines To Catch Predator

  • The cherry on top. The insult added to injury. The final, amazing (or awful) finishing detail that caps the entire thing off.

  • [noun] A person who recruits Medicare recipients for the purpose of fraudulently acquiring prescription drugs, e.g., Oxycontin. In exchange for their complicity, the patients are given cash or other rewards.

  • One who Capps....Capping defined:

    Capping is a term best used to describe the kind of business practice interviewers use to preserve their own job integrity while at the same time limiting the growth, potential and further expansion of talent in their respective job market. Capping is seen a lot here in Florida where many people exist with inferior educations and with unstable unproven industry backgrounds that make their way into hiring positions for large upcoming companies. The resulting effects are devastating as they prevent companies from acquiring new talent and experience that could no doubt increase their growth and potential.

  • n. the last smoke of the night.
    v. the action of taking the last smoke of the night.

  • handicapped person

  • A derrogatory name for Cuban Yorisha gang members.

  • A Cap Is A lie. A capper is a liar. So if someone is capping, they are lying.


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