• A website for instant messaging programs, like AIM, MSN, and Yahoo, that have been blocked. Mostly used by employees and students whose computers dont have access to the instant messaging programs. It can be used by any computer with internet access and requires no installation.

  • A small woodland creature who enjoys nestling and frolicking, and resembles Leighann with her cheeks puffed out

  • the spiffiest not-aim-but-close-enough IM server in the world

  • a method of communication ud publishers use while reviewing words

  • A site that little lame middle schoolers use because its the only thing not blocked for instant messaging. it allows you to go on all of the im services.

  • a instant-messenging service on the internet for aol yahoo or google IMing. It absolutely sucks. nothing works, everytime you want to add something to ur profile it resets it so u have to do everything all over again instead of just adding one thing. that chat logs dont work. u cant use the return button on away messeges. the default away messages are stupid. the whole thing sucks.


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