• best...sport...ever. and its not tall, lanky, weak losers. its probably one of the hardest sports out there. dont believe me? try playing in a varsity game for one minute.

  • a difficult game, consisting of skill, endurance, and alright, spandex.
    in the game, one will serve a ball, or toss it over the net several yards in front of you, then, run back up to your spot, try to set the ball, and then spike the shit out of it, into someones face, preferably. however, on occasion, they, they being the dirty whores you are playing against, block it and it comes back and hits you in the face.
    like i said, endurance and skill, might i add the ability to look graceful while being punched in the face by a ball going 15 miles an hour.
    doesnt seem fast
    but oh it is.

  • Girls in spandex. Yum.

  • the best sport ever. Try playing in a real game with a team with real rules before dissing it you ignorant fucks.

  • volleyball: the most awesome sport there is. those who disagree, are either too lazy to get up and take some fricking lessons, or they just suck at everything else and decide that they would rather [watch] the girls in tight spandex. Screw you.

    [caution]: volleyball is not for wimps.

  • a sport consisting of 6 players on each team. someone from a team serves the ball, and the opponent bumps the ball to the setter, and the setter sets the ball for the hitter to spike the ball into someones face. after the ball is spiked, the other team tries to bump, set, spike (or block). that goes on until the ball hits the ground or goes out of bounds.

    oh and i cant forget, usually attracts the guys because of girls playing in spandex.

  • Contrary to what some people seem to believe, volleyball is a sport, not a form of entertainment for horny losers. There are many variations, such as doubles beach volleyball and indoor 6 vs. 6. It takes more skill than most losers have, so they choose to ogle at female players rather than get off their asses and learn to play. And by the way, volleyball isnt just a sport for women; men play too.

  • The toughest game ever invented. Its simple though, keep the ball of your court and cram it down on theirs! Anyone who disagrees try diving for a ball on game point and busting your head open, to then find out you got the ball up and won the rally to win the match. Now thats a tough sport! DONT B FOOLED BY THE SPANDEX, its just a uniform.


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