• a suck up, ass kisser, brown noser

  • A person with no real independent personality, only adoration for his or her significant other.

  • a flattering subservient, eager sycophant

  • a small pet, usually adorable

  • A 20something man who lands a hot female his age or slightly older.(no more than 5 years)Hes muscular,pretty,and fucks the daylights outta her.Too bad hes broke.Shes out whoring around with WEALTHY MEN WHO CAN...but has LAPDOG for emotional comfort and workouts at the gym.He dont really wanna know what the deal is bout that nice condo and the Porsche Boxster.All relationships are temporary...and this ones no different:Shell either
    dump him when MR.BIG STAMPS decides to take her private...
    Or when he returns to being ALPHA DOG as opposed to safe LAPDOG.


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