• An arrogant, boorish people who are so ridiculously stupid and in need of basic common decency that they cant even form the most basic of governments. They also hate Americans with a passion despite the fact that theyve moved to the US in droves to escape their war-torn, shit-hole of a country. They project major attitude, but if confronted, they cower like the slabs of jelly they really are. Somalis treat their women like shit; even more so than most Muslims. This likely stems from the coupling of both cowardice and combativeness. Unlike the good people from Ethiopia and Kenya, these idiots consider African-American thugs as their role models, and act accordingly.

    Over the last 15 years or so, Somalis have immigrated en masse to cities such as Minneapolis and Portland, ME to take advantage of all-too-lax welfare programs. Unlike the hard-working Latinos and Hmongs, these people are both lazy and ungracious of the assistance provided to them. They will always claim that once their country has established a stable government, they will return home; as this will never happen, these human bedbugs are here to stay.

  • Black natives from the Easternmost part of the Horn of Africa. Despite popular belief, these people are not mixed. They are often tall with tall foreheads and curly hair. They can any tone from very dark skinned to very light skinned. They are mostly Muslim but are not Arabs and do not speak Arab as their native tongue.

    Somali; a language indigenous and unique to Somalia and Somalis. Somalian is not the correct term for these people.

  • Africans who make good food.

  • Very cool and handsome looking people. Their country is great and their food tastes sensational. They are home of the beauty and mysteries of Ancient times.

  • A group of Ethnicity in the Eastern-most part of Africa, Somalis are sometimes grouped with Arabs, Caucasians or Indians but this is false, Somalis are neither mixed with Caucasians or Arabs, they are the indigenous people of the horn of Africa.

    Some thick-headed abroad Somalis like to claim they have caucasians features, you need to watch out with this kind of somalis, their inferiority complex is highly lethal.

    Also some over the top inferior somalis love, just love to claim their Arab ancestry.

    Their claimed Legend was proved to be a myth by the European Journal of Human genetics by citing Somalis are nothing more than indigenous people of the Horn of Africa

  • Handsome lookin people, always happy and Meditereanen smile,some of them are backstabbers some of them nice and wise,their food is delicious.

  • A race of a tall, slender [African] people with [Caucasian] features who hail from [Somalia] in Eastern Africa.

  • Beautiful people, who happen to be a race...dont call them black. You will get attacked!


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