• One that is expected to lose a contest or struggle

    One that is at a disadvantage.

  • Someone who is hardly noticed. Kind of the opposite of popular or the best, but not exactly the worst.

  • A person that is a hard worker at what he/she does.These people are the future champions or Bo23218e$ of the world.

    Train like an underdog, win like a champion -Rockafella Family

  • The team/boxer/driver etc. that is expected to lose.

  • To push someone on a swing whilst going under them.

  • 60s cartoon of a superdog. Always spoke in rhymes. Constantly had to save his loved Polly Purebread from archenemy Simon Barr Sinister.

  • the competitor who is at a disadvantage or picked to lose the competition

  • Noun: A sexual act typically performed during [three way] sex where the female is receiving vaginal or anal sex on all fours ([doggy style]) while the third party lies underneath and licks or otherwise performs oral sex on the female and possibly the male concurrent with their intercourse. The third party may be either female or male.

    Verb: To perform oral sex on a female and possibly also the male while they are having intercourse ([fucking]).

  • Sexually pleasurable act of a woman fondling a mans [testicles]/[scrotum] during [intercourse] in the [doggy-style] position.


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