• The sexual attraction that exists between members of the same sex. It is not necessarily homosexual; rather it exists as a tension between heterosexual norms and expectations and natural attraction between two members of the same gender. It exists strongly in single-gender spaces, such as sports teams, rap music and pro-wrestling, however it is acted out through heterosexual norms, often placing a wedge between the homoerotic tension and the hetero norms of the space.

  • the uneasy feeling in the air when there is an undeniable sexual attraction/tension between yourself and another member of the same sex; the sudden urge to bathe a mamber of the same sexs feet with lemons

  • Male interaction that appears homosexual in nature, but is acceptable and not considered homosexual (by other men) because it done in a socially appropriate setting (i.e. sports).

  • Homoeroticism is the noun referring to the highly charged [sexual tension] brought about when two members of the same sex (usually men of whom one or both are generally believed to be [heterosexual]) behave in a way that displays closeness, sexual chemistry, flirtation and other actions that if were occuring between a man and a woman, it would be obvious that the two [fancied] each other and were probably [shagging].

    Some women (and gay men) find homoeroticism so exciting and hot that they read and write [slash] or [bandfic] which are stories that explore the possible relationships men who act in a homoerotic way in real life could have/be having.

  • When one is attracted (and aroused) by people of the same sex as them but this act is not perceived as homosexual
    Homophobia is fueled by heterosexuals who exaggerate the gender norms assigned by our society to validate their sexuality. Paradoxically, heterosexuals have found a way for homoeroticism to be socially acceptable while still placing negative emphasis on homophobia. By developing techniques to normalize heterosexuality and “other” homosexuality, the dominant group continues to mistreat and alienate those who are different from them. Homophobia targets marginalized groups that ultimately reproduces sexism, racism, and classism.

  • having a sense of attraction to someone who share the same sex. Homoeroticism is not only used for homosexual connotation but also for heterosexual content. (i.e. good impression or image, favorite personality and appearance to a person with the same sex)

  • The cover to 50 Cents The Massacre CD.

  • the quality of being homo.


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