• nuclear-powered chewing gum that initially releases a blast of minty freshness into your mouth upon insertion. some peoples mouths are not equipped to handle such intense minty freshness and thus tear up a bit. while chewing orbit, those around you will experience a clearing of the nasal passages.

  • Some damn fine chewin gum! ^.^

  • Noun - An orbit is 2 or more LED lights (most often photons or inovas) attached back to back with a string running between them. The sting is held at either end while the lights are moved in a circular motion to wind it up. Then when the string is pulled the lights spin and this is repeated. They are used at raves or clubs to give light shows. Many different effects can be achieved (such as stars, flowers and slinkies) depending on how the orbit is moved.

  • being extremely high,the result of smoking some very potent marijuana.

  • To work the room at a club or party

  • another way of saying, no matter what.

    at the end of every orbit commercial, the british lady says a good clean feeling, no matter what.

  • A cheat tactic by Welch, to spin up Orbits weapon before the start of the battle, as a desperate way to try to win a battle against Cobra.

  • Orbit is a character from the sprite comic Silver Koopa and friends. He uses plasma based attacks and is believed to be the plasma god.

  • Focusing all of ones attention and energy on a specific person whenever theyre around, typically done in large groups especially on the internet/social media but also in real life. The orbiter(s) likely have different reasons for orbiting, usually to gain something. May also include shifting their personal beliefs and opinions to match the person being orbited, and constantly praising them or doing their best not to anger.


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