• A maker of [trouble] is not one who causes trouble, but who achieves a level of trouble by being [Mischievous], [Stunning]!, [Sensational]! and [Smart]...

  • A troublemaker is someone who expresses a view on a forum that differs from those of the Administrator and/or, as is more common, a moderator of a forum. The person deemed to be a troublemaker will usually be 100% correct in their statements, but the moderator will object, making statements that could be classified as being a [bigland].

    As a result the troublemaker will then be told to go and form their own forum, even though everything they said was both reasonable and correct.

    1. When knowingly, and consciously getting into trouble with no regard or care for the potential repercussions.

    2. When one said person has one or more warrants for their arrest at one time.

    3. If your name is Brittany Rivera.

  • When you pair a shot of tequila with a Guinness.

  • [Spike],the troublemaker. Generally considered out to [lunch]. Known for wildly outlandish behavior. Highly unstable antisocial personality however incredibly sexy.


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