• A cinematic masterpiece; the epitome of comedy. A legendary comedy movie.

  • When the guy cums in the girls ass (/cockpit) and then she shoots it out in a spray of diarrhea-ejaculate mixture.

  • A device that is heavier than air, with wings that are fixed in place, and can fly. Usually accompanied by at least one [pilot].

    Airplanes are great fun to fly, and like any tool can be used for good or evil.

  • airplane is a hilarious movie that cannot be taken seriously. Its a classic movie even though its children offspring (airplane 2 and 3) were failures. if you havent seen this movie... WATCH IT!!!

  • performed during doggie style sex when the male partner reaches forward, grabbing the womans arms and extending them outward, steering her back and forth like an airplane; it is often accompanied by jet noises. The airplane can sometimes lead to the maneuver known as the terrorist, which is performed by the man simply letting go of said partners arms.

  • Also referred to as The Airplane

    While playing Foosball and one side gets shut out, the losing side must:

    1. spread their arms to their side.
    2. yell airplane while running around the entire room.


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