Frou frou

  • a duo from the UK composed of ethereal-voiced Imogen Heap and laptop music maker Guy Sigsworth. their fans are few but widely distributed in the world. they are a close-knit group who enjoy only the best music.

  • Replete with ruffles, lace, or other girly attributes. A style of dress or home decoration that includes these elements.

  • Adjective. Connotes disapproval. Often mistakenly rendered as [foo foo] or [fou fou], etc. It means overly fussy in style, such as clothes, hair, furniture, food, etc. Yelpers use [foo foo] to describe overly fussy food, like any drink at Starbucks requiring more than three words to order. Its current use is derived from an old word describing the sound made by a silk or taffeta dress as the wearer moves through a room or down stairs. It was used as a noun (the dress material) or a verb (to walk in a dress made of such rustling material), but never as an adjective. It should always be used in a negative sense; nothing the speaker approves of should ever be called frou frou.

  • A variety show popular in Paris and environs from the about 1870s to the 1920s immortalized by the lavish and erotic [for their time] outfits of the female dancers, which consisted of feathered boas, layered underskirts and ruffly undergarments which were exposed during lively dancing numbers.

  • A ladies part


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