• A colloquial word used in Newburyport, Massachusetts at least before the Second World War (1939-1945), allegedly shouted from one naval ship to another to identify a resident of Newburyport. Also used to show both affirmation and disapproval (yes, no); first word of the Newburyport slang-phrase yeat the bun. Yeat can be used as a greeting, as a noun, an interjection, an adjective, and a verb.

  • PORTSIDE!-(u guys know what im taklin about)

    1-yeah right
    2-hell no
    3-fuck you/shut the fuck up/your gay
    4-someone is telling you a a story and u dont believe them.

  • (yeet)

    The first instance of the word yeat appears during World War II as a ship-to-ship Naval greeting to identify oneself as a a resident of Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA. A response in kind indicated that the man had found a fellow Newburyporter.

    The word has endured to this day, but the meaning has drastically evolved. While still used as a greeting, though rarely in the original spirit of the word, the word is now a profanity used in innumerable contexts. Meanings include: [fuck that], [fuck you], [fuck off]/[get the fuck out of here], [fuck], [fuckin a], and [shit]. The examples below will allow for the best understanding of the various uses of the word.

    Often used in the phrase [yeat da bun].

    (Yeet): noun, interjection, adjective, verb

  • What you say to your teacher when she asks you to do a 10 page essay

  • Originating from Newburyport, Massachusetts.

    Yeat is a derogatory reaction to display disagreement or discontent with either a person, situation, opinion or proposed situation.

    Those who dont understand the usage of the word will often say that it has the capability to take on any meaning the speaker intends. This is completely wrong.

    Yeat most often replaces the words and phrases,


  • Contraction for You eat!

  • Yeat has multiple meanings;

    a) A yeat is someone who is ignorant, naïve or just an idiot.

    b) It can also be said when something is Cool af
    c) Can be used to replace any word

  • A measurement of time which is the same length of time as 5 hours


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