• A more or less solid article of confectionery made by boilingsugar or molasses to the desired consistency, and than crystallizing,molding, or working in the required shape. It is often flavored orcolored, and sometimes contains fruit, nuts, etc.

  • n.

    1. euphamism for sex
    2. something (usually flashy like a [lure]) used to get sex
    3. drugs, particularly cocaine, [crack], or [E]

  • a sweet food made of 100% sugar that children love to eat

  • Code word for the club drug known as ecstacy.

  • 1:The most kick ass substance ever! Made of 100% sugar! It comes in all flavors and is the equivalent of crack 4 kids!

    2:Plastic jewelry worn at raves!

    3:Code name 4 crack!

  • candy is a lovely person with a great personality and good looking. every guy wants candy. always smiling and making jokes and cheerig everyone up. every girl wants to be a candy.

  • The plastic jewlery (necklaces, bracelets etc.) worn at [rave]s. They are used for trading or just for show. They usually glow, like [glowsticks].

  • Plastic jewelry worn at raves.

  • A delicious, sugary object that tastes good. Your mother never lets you eat it in the morning, before lunch, never if you don't eat a good lunch, before supper, and NEVER before bed. Yet somehow American children eat several tons (2,000 pounds multiplied several times) of it each year.

  • A slang term for crack/cocaine.