• Where Best Buy HQ is. Also where that weird school Holy Angels is.

  • Richfield is an old suburb of Minneapolis consisting of about 35,000 people. The demographic profile is close to 40% asian, 30% black, 20% senior citizens, 10% confused caucasians. Not only is it minutes from MSP Intl, downtown Minneapolis, home of Best Buy, overshadowed by its snobby-ass neighbor to the west [edina] but is also an oxymoron.

  • n.
    Pronounced (r?ch•f?ld)
    Suburb of Minneapolis, MN. A place where white kids like to complain about being [ghetto] or full of ethnic populations. While the minority population is certainly growing, its still the suburbs, whitey.

    Home of Best Buy World HQ, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and about 35,000 people.