• a severely uncool soccer-mom style white mini van, usually driven by a teenage boy.

  • An overachieving student. A cute little lad/lass who gets frantic when they are late for class. A beluga is sure to put homework first and often get emotional about homework.

  • Beluga is often used to descride someone that is festively plump. It was originally said to confuse someone. This was the ultimate diss.

  • When you spit your drink out from laughing, similar to a beluga whale spout.

  • noun - Beluga is an athlete in the open water swimming community who weights 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms) or more. Its equivalent in the triathlon and road running worlds is referred to as a Clydesdale who competes in the Clydesdale division.

  • The most beautiful girl ever, from royal descent. usually considered the prettiest of the feminine goddesses.

  • Unintentional fart that cannot be suppressed or silenced. Qweef of unmatched greatness in smell as well as in volume. Smell constant in putredness and longevity, lasting up to three minutes in length. Usually leaving a stain or residue on the inner lining of the underwear.

  • A group of noble men whose sole purpose to tell the greatest stories of all time.

  • Something kick-ass people smoke out of to get high as a mutha-f***er!

    Owned by Bilson, the highest of the high in all he tries.


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