• a scientific definition using the douche as its stem, but using an N to replace the D to give more of an effect on how you say it (nnnnnnnouche or nnnnnnnouches). It means a fat sweaty asain.

  • The Word means a fat sweaty asain and is a form of the word Douch

  • One of the greatest insults of all time. It is a combination of the words noob and douche. Equation: noob douche = nouche!


  • Nouche refers to somebody is a noob and a douche. It is a combination of the two words, and is considered to be a ghastly insult to ones character. Also can be refered to as a nouche-bag.

  • Nouche is an offensive term referring towards someone who may or may not be new to any particular social function, but demonstrates a certain amount of noobidness, such as in gamming or basic social interaction,while at the same time demonstrating douche like qualities.

  • what your friends call an unoriginal [Kiebler Elf] named [Nick] after he [cock-blocks] them; a combination of Nick and [douche]; also called nou-nou

  • when one is a noob about being a douche.
    see noob and douche.

  • The act of a person having sex with a toliet seat.

  • The way that certain members of the spanish nation (one person actually who lives in london) appear to act like a nonce, even to their own friends! this involves going to the toilet every five minutes, returning to said friends and grabbing them round the face with his green, wooly fingerless hobo gloves

    Also, it also can refer to a person who dosent seem to understand they are not wanted in a social event or group, others laugh at and not with a nouche

  • It is a douche bag called Nathan


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