• An instrument that chicks think is sexy!!

  • A more commonly used named than Violincello, a string instrument that is played sitting down. It is held in between the knees and supsended off of the ground by an end pin. It is made of mostly wood and has four strings, A,D,G, and C. Traditionally, the strings were made from cat intestines, but now makers have moved onto steel and other synthetic materials. It is tuned an octave lower than the viola and one octave higher than the cello bass. It is said to be the instrument that most resembles the human voice, with its deep, rich tone. Famous cellist include Yo-Yo Ma, Rasputina featuring three cellist, and Apocalyptica featuring four.

  • Quite possibly the sexiest instrument known to man, it is placed gracefully between the legs of a person and played with amazing tone.

    Very arousing to watch a female ( or male..?) play in a skirt.

  • A dead sexy instrument.

  • A beautiful bowed, four stringed insrtument, played between the knees. its in the tuning of C. its strings are (from highest to lowest) A,D,G,C. it usually plays harmony or backround but is often featured in concertos and sonatas.

  • The cello is a thick piece of wood that is placed between the legs and bowed until sweet sounds are arroused from the instrument.

  • A rad instrument, also known as the violincello, played between the legs with the strings A,D,G,


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