• Any sexual act including, at least, a threesome of individuals, each having a different hair color. Specifically a brunette, blonde, and red head (thus resembling neapolitan ice cream).

  • Neapolitan
    When you pack a bowl that contains bud, kief, and hash which resembles the icecream

  • When a man and woman participate in [anal sex] (chocolate), [oral sex], including [ejaculation] (vanilla), and [vaginal sex] (strawberry) in the same sexual session.

  • An unfortunate situation in which someone suffers from a [pink sock] shortly after receiving anal bleaching. Named after the popular Neapolitan ice cream because of the white, brown, pink colour trend that would occur in such a circumstance.

  • When youve had a big weekend of anal sex and and as a result your turd resembles neapolitan ice cream - the brown of the faeces, the red of the blood and the white of the semen.

  • threesome with two guys and a girl

    guy in the middle fucks the girl while being fucked by the other guy;

    so you have three flavors: a straight person, a bisexual person, and a gay person

    corresponding to the 3 flavors: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate

    1. Person from Naples, Italy
    2. Thief
    3. Thief from Naples, Italy


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