• Balboa is a surname of Galician origin. It was originally a place name derived from the Latin vallis bona, meaning pleasant valley.

    Its also the name of Panamas currency after the 15th century conquistador, Vasco Núñez de Balboa.

  • Refers to anal fisting in the actual sense.

    Mostly used for slang for many different meanings. Most popular, to get better of/accomplish something. As well be interpreted as to fuck/or get rid of something.

  • a nick name used for people with the name Ricky. as in Rocky Balboa but Ricky balboa instead...

  • (Adj) A term used for rocks and rocky environments. A difficult hiking trail.

  • A Balboa is when you are fucking a girl (probably a loose one) and you want to have her tighten up so you punch her in the gut causing her abs to contract and tighten up her pussy thus resulting in more satisfying sex.

  • a name used to replace the surname of someone who is meant to be [solid] or hard. usually the user of the name is a [chav], trying to increase their reputation, or someone taking the piss out of a chav. it is taken from the popular film rocky where rockies last name is balboa, and rocky being a boxer, meaning he is tough.

    usually the user of the name is not actually that hard at all, they are usually, infact a [pussy].

  • A strong erection that causes premature ejaculation.

  • using several variants of the name ASJN Balboa XW for his clan A Single Jedi Nation and his rank of Xtreme Warlord, Balboa was one of the best players in the online world of [Star Wars] Jedi Academy. he proved people with slow dial-up could contend and out match those with higher connection speeds.


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