• Best instrument ever. It is perfectly balanced between the upper ranges and lower ranges. The best of both worlds. Woman mellophone lines in the last ten years in drum corps rings have notorious scored higher than those made only of men. Mellophone, in the key of F, may sound flat, but it is actually the tone quality (ok, the instrument itself is impossible to play not flat, everyone else tune down). Mellophones always play the meanest licks and the greatest dynamics.

  • A fairly large frontal facing insturment which some people call a marching French Horn.
    I like to define it as follows.
    Mellophone, Noun - A trumpet(not capitalized) with a bigger penis. Used by those who either play Horn in symphony or have realized in all of their infinite wisdom that trumpets suck at life.

  • the single most amazing instrument in a marching band, ever. it is usually played by those of higher intelligence and awesomeness, aka concert F Horn players. ALWAYS louder than the trumpets. no exceptions.

  • The greatest of the forgotten instruments in band. Mellophones are the marching version of a French horn, because french horns dont project properly to be used for marching. Many schools nowadays dont have them however, since EWHS is the best, we do. Theyre played in corps and often the people that play them are pretty timid, unlike their similar looking trumpets. Mellophones are the best!!!

  • A mellophone is what french horn players march and play in marching band. Its like a trumpet with a horn bell. Trumpet players call it a trumpet on steroids. But really, a trumpet is an anorexic mellophone.

  • the most awesome instrument in marching band. in concert band, the mellophone players are french horn players, which epically pwn anyway, so when they change to mellophone, its just as awesome. people may make fun of them, but its just cause theyre jealous.

  • A small pipe used to smoke your chronic. It comes from the latin roots mellonious, to chill, and phonius, to smoke.

  • An instrument commonly used for marching bands and drum corps. Basically a trumpet that has suffered both repeated instances of anal rape and consensual anal sex, resulting in a key of F, standing for Fucked in the ass. Often referred to comically as the prison trumpet by those who play trumpet, an instrument that has been spared vicious anal sex.

  • The best god damn instrument ever. Looks like a trumpet but twice its size. I myself can play double high F with Ease now. (not the high F on staff, the high octave over F) The notes are somewhat similar to the Bb Trumpet and it is in the key of F. Most girls who play it however cannot play correctly (not sexist... its just true for the most point.)