• A.K.A ottests (nugyupm fans) in the Kpop world. Infamous for being delusional.
    These organisms like to spazz over two faced, arrogant, rude, untalented, plastic, backstabbing steroid users such as ok tent, hwang thief, chinsu, nich eye spasms, jang organism, and junwho. organisms/ottests mistake themselves as Hottests (theres no such thing as Hottests anymore). They think they are the shit and everyone agrees that they are, indeed, full of shit. People belonging to various fan clubs hate organisms because they adopt their behaviors such as shit talking from nugyupm. Orgs enjoy mob attacks and bullying on the internet. They piss everyone off by stealing other fan clubs colors, talking shit about talented artists, and blindly supporting backstabbers. organisms think they are the best fans in the world but not even 3% of the fan club actually buy CDs while the rest downloads. Yes, less than three percent even though shitpm dont really have fans. Some ottests even hate nugyupm but supports these nobodies because they are fans of certain other nugyus. Orgs prove that they do not think nugyus are talented because they chanted STRIP instead of Encore (for their so call singing/dancing) at nugyus failed concert. Which leads to another conclusion that organisms or ottests are horny little girls.
    Yes... these organisms and nugyupm are not even important enough to be capitalized and be respected.

  • the community of each ecosystem consists of individual living things.


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