• People from the state of Vermont. True Vermonters have been living in Vermont for at least seven generations. Does not include lame New Jerseyite/Connecticut/Massachusett transplants and annoying out-of-stater UVM students. real Vermonters are not hippies. Real Vermonters hose tourists and laugh at them when they gawk at leaves.

  • one who lives in vermont. must have love for the maple leaf, phish, and subarus. does not include UVM out of state students who suddenly have vermont pride after one semester of getting stoned in burlington. see [woodchuck].

  • A Vermonter is typically undeniably rude. Aloof to a fault, their family dates back at least twelve generations in their precious state. Generally speaking, this person will tell you exactly what they think of you while not making eye contact. Of course, all of this will be unsolicited, and will render you to a state of confusion until the next insult arrives (likely to be soon thereafter). While you are having an out of body experience wondering why the hell you moved to Vermont, the Vermonter will be smiling in your face at inappropriate times and collaborating with their native born cronies. As a native born jerk, he or she will be sporting expensive clothes and shoes and shopping at over-priced food stores even though they make per hour and finance a Prius. Still, they will be able to out compete in the job market because they are likely to be someones brother, sister, wife, daughter, etc. A Vermonter is a lot of things, but friendly, sociable, respectful and worldly do not have a share in these things.

  • Horrible People.

  • Stoners.. the coolese people ever who live in the best state ever.

  • Blue collar degenerate trash, with more pride for their state, than to welcome outsiders... hence drying out their own economy. One who will offer you their unsolicited opinion, and unwanted advice. Liberal to a fault, offering leniant penalties or rehab to sex offenders, while providing welfare to unemployed drug pushers. Someone who dumps their trash on the roadside. One who overfishes, overhunts, and undercompensates for what they take. Mostly over the age of 65, driving younger generations out of state with their stubborn ways. Some hardworking. Some very friendly. Others, cold and unsociable. A welfare charity case. An inbred. A woodchuck. Their pride in Phish is as tired as the bands music. Unable to cope with the fact that their state is nothing more than Americas retirement home; where people come to regail at the colorful leaves and enjoy Ben


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