• To be flowchart means to follow a beaten/overly used path already while lacking ambition to create your own. This can also mean that youre a very basic, unoriginal person.

  • A flowchart is a diagram that describes a process or operation. It includes multiple steps, which the process flows through from start to finish. Common uses for flowcharts include developing business plans, defining troubleshooting steps, and designing mathematical algorithms. Some flowcharts may only include a few steps, while others can be highly complex, containing hundreds of possible outcomes.

    Flowcharts typically use standard symbols to represent different stages or actions within the chart. For example, each step is shown within a rectangle, while each decision is displayed in a diamond. Arrows are placed between the different symbols to show the direction the process is flowing. While flowcharts can be created with a pen and paper, there are several software programs available that make designing flowcharts especially easy. Common programs that can be used to create flowcharts include SmartDraw and Visio for Windows and OmniGraffle for the Mac.

  • An office tool, made by connecting shapes with arrows. Each path on the flowchart is a different decision made by the person using it. People often use flowcharts to make jokes about decisions made by specific people, or groups of people. They are hard to use in actual situations, so they are vastly underused.

  • One of the most evil assignments possible.


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