• somewhere between here and there;
    not quite in Heaven but not in Hell either;
    Carribean dance where people bend backwards to go under a stick held in the air and set to music

  • In Dantes Inferno, Limbo is the first circle of hell. Limbo is the home of the dead pagans that were around before Jesus Christ and Christianity. The Pagans are kept here, unharmed, where they live for eternity. They are not allowed into heaven because they do not know Gods love. Unbabtized and aborted babies are also sent here when they die.

  • It is a place of shared consciousness by all dreamers or a shared dream state.

  • In games, primarily in roleplaying, limbo refers to the state a character is in while awaiting an action of another character.
    The first character can not act without knowing the second his action. When the second player is gone for a long time, it forces the first player to wait, leaving his character in limbo, stuck in a timeless void.

  • The existential state for undead zombies because some evil motherfucker wont let them rest in peace.

  • the place where a man goes in the weeks following unprotected sex with a woman to be judged whether or not hes been condemned to a life of parenthood.

  • Caribbean-derived dance in which participants bend over backwards to pass under a stick or pole held by other dancers that is sequentially lowered with each pass.

  • When your poop is halfway out/halfway in and it doesnt move at all no matter how hard you try to push it out. Its in a limbo when MOST of the poop is inside and the tip of it is hanging out - thats when its so hard to push it out.

    When your poop is in a limbo (and you cant get it out) you have to wipe your anus a lot because it will be so, uh, shitty. And becareful, as solid poop content might fall on your tissue.

  • Originally used to describe a place in between Heaven and Hell where some souls are thought to be stuck forever, [gamers] have began using the term to describe a place in a [video game] where you cannot get out of without shutting the console off. This most frequently occurs in [RPG]s and may or may not include a [glitch].

  • Also known as the Rift Plain it is the plain of existence between the Material Plain (Life, the universe, everything you feel, see, hear etc.) and the Ethereal Plain (Ghosts, wraiths etc) It is often said that Limbo is where your souls go after death while waiting to be sent to Heaven or Hell. For a soul to pass from Limbo into whichever part of the Ethereal Plain it is headed it must first accept and understand that it has died. Limbo looks exactly the same as the Material Plain, exact copies, changing at the same time in the same way. Souls and ghosts inhabit Limbo and humans and animals inhabit the Material Plain. Although the dimensions are separate they are said to be together as one, the inhabitants of each can not see, hear, feel or interact with each other in any way. Although some people claim to have seen or communicated with ghosts there is no proof supporting it.