• One who is mental - first coined by UK sitcom Im Alan Partridge (Episode 5)

  • Originally a mentalist was an adherent or advocate of a mentalistic school of psychology or psychiatry. Someone who believes that some mental phenomena cannot be explained by physical laws (i.e. telepathy and mind reading).

    While a psychic may claim to observe an underlying spiritual reality and report on it, in a process known as a psychic reading, a mentalist, by contrast, might claim the ability to manipulate that reality in order to create a different manifestation.

    The term mentalist also refers to psychic entertainers whose illusions feature the apparent ability to read minds, foretell the future, and see distant and hidden objects. This branch of magic is referred to as mentalism.

    Mentalist has more recently become a tongue-in-cheek insult for when someone is behaving oddly or wackily, thanks to tv series Alan Partridge and The Office.

  • In backwater police department jargon:

    (1) a soft file wherein the names, addresses and other vital information about people regarded as having emotional, cognitive and/or behavioral disorders are kept;

    (2) a soft file containing the names of people whove pissed off police officers to such an extent they have been wrongfully branded as having emotional, cognitive and/or behavioral disorders in order to ensure theyll receive extra special handling.

  • A person who is mental and proud. The term is not meant in an offencive way and is often used by friends or relatives.

  • A performer of illusions that appear to be psychic in origin. The illusionist can present Extra Sensory Perception, mind over matter, precognition, or super mental abilities )such as memory or mathematics).

  • A [sci-fi] show about a man who can think.

  • someone who is interested in mental or spiritual practices.
    someone who is clearly mad and is not ashamed of it. someone who persistantly defies there mates telling them dont do that you mentalist