• A very awesome Volkswagen that could stand up to many muscle cars of its time, gifted with ahead of its time German engineering and superb handling. This is a car to great to be handled my ricers, which is why it has been kept a secret. Unfortunately, certain year models had a few common and annoying flaws which lowered the reputation of the Scirocco, But I assure you the 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S is a very excellent car made to beat 2003 Minicoopers (the red 57 model) in the SCCA and yes while still stock it can out perform the majority of ricers in this new era even though it was made more than 20 years ago.

  • Production sport coupe made by VW in the 70s and 80s. Last year of production was 1988 in the US, which had for 3 years been offered with the kick-ass 1.8l 16v motor (86-88). Most Sciroccos have been destroyed by rust or accident, but are greatly loved by the poeple that still have them.

  • an Italian name for the sexiest, funniest girl you will ever meet. Sciroccos usually have great taste in music and people, they know how to let loose and have fun. Sciroccos are fuckin amazing.

    1. A car (sports coupe) produced by Volkswagen that was discontinued in 1992 but brought back in 2008. Attained something of a cult following after it was discontinued.

    2. The name of a wind that blows from the Sahara over North Africa, the Mediterranean and Southern Europe. Sometimes very strong and can cause sandstorms.