• Any human being with an appearance or behavior so unique that their identity as a homo sapien is questionable

  • A bitchy or cunt like female who treats nice guys like shit. Creatures tend to be extremely ugly, dumb, and there faces have lots of acne. A creature can never under any circumstance be referred to by there given name.

  • its what you call a kid who has been bailed out of jail rather than taking it like a man
    or taking it in the ass

  • The ugly women/things that live in vermont. Creatures usually come out later in the evening, and prey on innocent randos under the influence. If you are ever brought back to a creatures cave late night, your a goner.

  • any person whose gender is not instantly noticeable due to extreme obesity, ugliness, or both. Creatures tend to hide in their home (cave) or in restaurants until the night when they can walk around in peace. Seeing one during the day is a rarity and it is usualy fun to count how many you can find in one day.

  • A really hideous person
    An extreme form of hideousness can describe one as Munn creature

  • A general term describing any of the small, inherently friendly inhabitants of the Creature Forest. Exclusively herbivores, the vast majority are covered in fur of varying color, and traditionally possess paws with 3 digits. Known to have only one natural enemy, the [Turkie].